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There are no reservations with kayaks paddleboards bikes. Everything is on a 1st come 1st serve basis. If you purchased a Voucher or Coupon, bring a printed copy or download the app and create a profile so that we can redeem it instore when you arrive. Make sure to bring a Government issued ID and a Credit Card for security. If you come in store and purchase a rental then leave to go find parking. The person that comes after but is ready to go will have priority. We cannot put the equipment on hold while you drive around to find parking. Please plan ahead. We have plenty of equipment. We actually have more than all other companies on the peninsula combined so we can handle a lot of volume. But we are not infinite, sometimes there is wait that can range from 5 minutes to 1 hour. We have not seen waits more than this all summer so far.

Segway tours require that you be in our shop and ready to sign up 30 minutes before the tour. This is very important as signing up does take a while. If you arrive closer to the time the tour is about to start and have not completed the signup process, and we have already started the orientation. We will void any coupons or vouchers you might have or charge your card and will not allow you to participate in the tour. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO BE EARLY. Somethings to keep in mind:

– You will have an awesome time on our Tours

– Min restrictions are 12 years old and 70Lbs

– Max weight is 270Lbs

– If you are pregnant or disabled physically, we will not allow you to participate. The liability is too great

– We recommend closed toe shoes and bring a bottle of water

o Not every Segway has a pouch that you can put your water and a purse. If you are with a family member or friend you might have to share. We will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible

– Each Adult 21 and over has to complete the waver for themselves. We will not take Minors without an adult on the tour. Minors must be accompanied by an adult over 21

– We do offer Insurance that covers $6500 the equipment at $5 per person and is highly recommended that you get but it is completely optional. If you choose not to get insurance, we will keep a copy of your ID and Card till the tour has ended without incident

– VERY IMPORTANT TO BE EARLY. Especially if you are driving a distance, take into consideration traffic, accidents, floods, and space invaders but DO NOT BE LATE.

So we have manually created a parking map of the area for your convenience with some alternative locations for parking. In the attached map, areas in green are typically free, but are also often used by other folks that are seeking free parking, so please allot yourself sufficient time to find a spot, get to our location and get checked in. Areas in purple are typically metered, but most meters are only until 6pm, but please check signage to ensure that you are in compliance with any local city or state ordinances. Sometimes you have to pay a couple of dollars and sometimes you do not. Additional options would be to legally park in a nearby neighborhood and take an Uber/Lyft down to our location, or walk if it is close enough. Again, please make sure that you observe any and all city/state ordinances (or rules and regulations if on private property) wherever you decide to park. Triangle Square is also only about 8-10 minutes away and is a very reasonable Uber/Lyft away. It’s a great location to grab dinner before or after your cruise and they have a large, complimentary parking structure. If you do park here however, please make sure to observe any posted ordinances, rules or regulations.

Kayaks, Paddleboards and Bikes are on a first come first serve basis (This especially applies for Coupon or Voucher holders). Exceptions will be made for larger groups that book directly with us only. Renting any of our equipment requires you to have a card and a government issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License) with your picture and name on it the same as the card. You will be required to complete our rental waver and sign it.
Depending on the day, our closing hours might vary from 5 -7pm. Staff will notify you on the particular day what closing time is. Unless otherwise arranged, you are required to have all rental equipment back 15 minutes before the end of closing. There is a charge of $20 per 30 minutes for every 30 minutes you are late pass closing. After 24 hours and we have not made contact we will charge you the Entire cost of the equipment rented which can range from $250 to $1500.

Coupons and Vouchers are not valid on Holidays, Special Occasions and weekends usually starting Friday till Sunday. A list of those days are listed below. We will allow the use of Coupons and Vouchers on those days, however, you would have to pay the difference in the full cost of the rental or tour


The company considers these days and their corresponding weekend’s holidays:

1st Jan     New Years Day

19-Jan     Martin Luther King Day

14-Feb     Valentine’s Day

16-Feb     Presidents’ Day

17-Mar      St. Patrick’s Day

5-Apr       Easter Sunday

10-May    Mother’s Day

25-May    Memorial Day

21-Jun     Father’s Day

4-Jul        Independence Day

7-Sep       Labor Day

26-Nov    Thanksgiving Day

24-Dec    Christmas Eve Through 31-DecNew Year’s Eve

MEMBERSHIP CAN ONLY BE USED AT Harbor Kayak & Bike Rentals

A HKR Member must always be a part of the renting party and holds the responsibility for the equipment as stated in the rental agreement. They also need to have a valid government issued ID at the time of rental to confirm their identity.
Memberships cannot be combined, upgraded, transferred or augmented. They remain the same throughout the period of the membership. Membership starts at the day of sign up and will expire exactly 6 months later. Memberships will only be available for purchase between September and November. The last Membership will expire May31st 2018. The names given at time of signup are eligible for membership privileges. If a member brings a friend that wants to rent they will get the 2nd hour free as long as they pay for the first hour of rental. (This applied to Kayaks and Paddle-boards) and does not apply to extended rentals like all day or overnight. Regular rates apply in this case for friends of members.

Bike rentals are limited to one day rental. The day start at 9am when the shop opens and ends at 5pm. All rentals must be back at the pickup location before 5pm. Your card will be charged the full rate of an extra day of rentals are not safely returned before 5pm. This includes any part of the day the rental is taken. All rentals are subject to availability

For example: If a member took a bike at 2pm the bike needs to be returned at the shop before 5pm that day.
If a member or their companion would like to have the bikes beyond the end of the day. You can pay $10 per bike you will get a lock and you can keep the bikes overnight till 9am when we open up the next day. If you come back before we are opened you can lock the bikes up outside the store.

Kayak and paddle-board rentals are limited to 2 hours per day. You always have the option of choosing a kayak for 2 hours, then paddle board for 2 hours but the limit per rental is 2 hours per day. This applies to single kayaks and paddleboards. Double kayaks will have an extra $5 fee per rental. If a member would like to have a kayak over night or all day you can do this for an extra fee. All day rentals are normally $50 per day for single kayaks $75 for paddleboards and $80 for double kayaks but members will get them for 25 for single kayaks $40 for paddleboards and $50 for double kayaks. We do not do overnight rentals for Kayaks and Paddleboards for Members. If the rental is not returned within the specified time your card on file will be charged the full cost of any additional day or part thereof. All rentals are subject to availability.

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